Dieting Will Never be the Same with Meratrim

By on February 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Weight loss products continue to be big business and those hoping to lose weight are always searching for the safest option. While there are many manufacturers that herald the safety and efficacy of their diet supplements, those that have been shown to be most effective were not necessarily also found to be free of negative side effects. This can be dangerous since those who are eager to lose weight quickly and who often have tried multiple methods may disregard health warnings in pursuit of a slimmer profile.

Meratrim is a new weight loss supplement on the market which has been supported by Dr. Oz and other physicians and scientists. Research findings published in several leading health journals have also corroborated the opinions expressed by such experts in regard to the weight loss properties of this product. This proprietary formula blends Sphaeranthus indicus, an herbal compound, together with Garcinia mangostana, a fruit extract. These two natural plant extracts have been found to work together to decrease body fat.

Sphaeranthus indicus, also called Indian spheranthus and East Globe Indian Thistle, has been used for its health promoting properties in India for thousands of years. Garcinia mangostana also known as Purple Mangosteen, has played an important role in Chinese Medicine for generations. The active weight loss ingredient used in Meratrim is obtained from the rind of the fruit. While each of these two plant based extracts have health inducing properties, in terms of weight loss, it has been shown that it is only when these substances are combined that the desired effects occur.

Research helped scientists to determine the proper ratio between the two ingredients to maximize weight loss which lead to the development of this proprietary blend. This formulation works by first, preventing new fat cells from forming, then breaking down existing fat cells through increased fat metabolism. There have been few reports of negative side effects to date and those which have surfaced have been made by single individuals. Findings from clinical studies investigating the weight loss properties of this supplement have shown no negative side effects.

The suggested dose for adults taking this herbal supplement is 800mg daily, 400mg taken a half hour before lunch and 400mg taken a half hour before dinner. Those who reported the greatest weight loss while using this product also limited their intake to 2,000 calories and walked 30 minutes daily. There are a number of products currently available which include Meratrim, and more are predicted to be added to these numbers in the coming months. As is the case with all diet products, it is a good practice to consult with your doctor before trying something new.

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